lovely spring

I can’t imagine living in a climate that didn’t include spring. Case in point: the following…

If I hear one more person say (a) “Gee it sure is HOT out!” or (b) “You know, they say this summer is going to be the HOTTEST YET!” I will eat loads and loads of chocolate. (You see I chose something that isn’t actually bad, since I predict that within the next 5.8 minutes someone will say either of the above. Well, actually, since we’re just sitting at home and since I don’t live with anyone banal enough to think weather small-talk is amusing, it might be more than 5.8 minutes. And since the other creature I live with is a cat, who- despite giving off a constant aura of wisdom- hasn’t yet actually spoken, it may actually not be until tomorrow at work that I hear the comments. But I guarantee it.)


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