playing hooky

Just because I am almost completely certain that no one connected to my workplace would ever be reading this, as well as because I won’t be there much longer anyways (– June 27th, oh glorious day!), I feel obliged to admit to someone that I intend to play hooky tomorrow.

Well okay, so it isn’t entirely as bad as it sounds, I mean it’s not as if I’m simply going to not show up… and I *did* leave detailed lesson plans for whoever is (un)lucky enough to be filling in, but since I’m technically not sick, and I don’t have a doctor’s appointment, or even any appointment of any kind recognized by workplaces as valid reasons for taking the day off… I feel a bit sneaky.

So what are my plans for my lovely day off? I’m sleeping in, then heading home to visit with the family, de-stress, and basically give myself a 3-day weekend after an incredibly annoying week at work. Yay me!

(It being Friday, I also might eat fries. Mmm. I’ll let you know.)

someone else likes to lie around in bed all day...

Fries, you say?


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