So apparently there was absolutely no need for me to feel guilty about not being sick, as it turns out I spent the majority of the day doubled over with stomach pain!

Here are some too-late pieces of advice that I would have found helpful…

  1. Just because something doesn’t have an expiry date, doesn’t mean it won’t go bad.
  2. If you opened something over a week ago and haven’t used it all up already, the bit you haven’t used has probably gone bad.
  3. Smelling said item won’t always tell you whether it’s gone bad.
  4. Eating said item two days in a row will result in a very upset stomach.

Yep. I definitely had a jar of PC Guacamole mix from a couple weeks ago which made very yummy guacamole… the first time I used it. It then sat in the fridge (– the fridge, people! Isn’t that what fridges are for– to keep things fresh??) for about a week, after which time I thought I’d make some more. Yesterday I ate some, and had a mildly upset stomach which I blamed on this. Then today I decided to eat more, and… yeah. I figured out the rest pretty quickly.

Moral of the story: the next time I decide to play hooky, I won’t be eating any guacamole.

Happy Friday the 13th!


One thought on “Foiled!

  1. I didnt know it was Friday the 13th! Weird! I have never had food poisoning or played hooky… hopefully I won’t ever have to experience something so bad as to cause me to have/do either one!

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