I’d rather be…

Oh goody; exam time is upon us. This means marking, marking, and yes… more marking. But the thing is, when faced with this:

I’d rather be drinking this:

or working on this:

or frankly, anything but the marking. Those aren’t even exams, yet… brace yourselves for macro-sized photos of stacks of legal-sized paper, the size-of-choice for printing exams (“This paper is longer than usual…! I am intimidated!) over the next couple of weeks. No, that lovely folder of papers is full of stuff I am supposed to have marked before the exams even begin. Yeah. Good luck to me.

At any rate, that lovely piece of purple knitting above is on its way to becoming a pillowcase. It may join its friends on the couch, or perhaps, if it’s lucky, end up sitting on the shelf at a local interior decor shop. Fingers crossed!

The stitch definition is wonderful, since it’s cotton yarn:

Aside from that, I’ve been the lucky recipient of random and completely lovely gifts, such as:

a bunch of lilies, which look quite exotic and fun… and a lion-shaped teapot. (To join my collection of other white animal-shaped dishes.)

I love gifts. And I hate marking.


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