I heart books

They keep me sane. Well, they among other things. Okay, so maybe I just really like them. What’s not to like? (excluding Oprah and her “picks”, of course, as well as certain others… Chicken Soup, anyone? *gag*)

Currently I am in the midst of Camilla Morton’s A Girl for All Seasons:

It’s the sequel to her previous (pink) How to Walk in High Heels (A Girl’s Guide to Everything), which I loved. But the best part is… this book has a cover price of $35. My price: (significant suspense-building pause…) $6.99. Woo! The cover was a bit wonky and it had been moved to the “reduced” section outside of the bookshop. Yay for bargains! Anyways, the book is full of interesting facts for most days of the year. For instance, on THIS very day, June 17th, Stravinsky (that was Igor, to his homies) was born.

I also found (and paid a bargain price for) Gemma Townley’s latest book, The Importance of Being Married:

Now, despite my non-preoccupation with all things wedding, I had to get this for several important reasons:

  1. The title is a spoof on one of my favourite plays (and movies!) The Importance of Being Earnest.
  2. As far as I’m concerned, Gemma Townley (who did you know is actually the real-life younger sister of Sophie Kinsella of Shopaholic fame? Eee!) is one of the most hilarious authors there is.
  3. It was 25% off the cover price.
  4. Oprah didn’t recommend it.

I started it yesterday, and am breezing through… it’s nothing deep or soul-shattering, just a well-written & fun story.

Oh! I almost forgot. We are apparently growing a tomato plant. Here it is now:

… and I’ll let you know if anything changes, i.e. if the thing actually starts sprouting tomatoes!


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