one more day…

So there is currently only one more official day at work and then it is The Summer Holidays! Woo(t)/hoot (for those who commented previously). ^v^ (that is an owl).

Aaaand… there are lots of wonderful things about summer, this one in particular as it may include such activities as: moving, looking for a new job, starting a new job, travelling, and all sorts of other nice stuff.

Those were some of the things we saw last summer. This summer, I plan to be on the lookout for more of the birds on the Nature List we downloaded last year (and which I did come across in the office the other day– the list, not the birds, of course).

Should I sneak out early tomorrow, before the staff baseball game begins…? It’s a tough decision: on the one hand, I have a baseball bat in the back seat of my car (to play, silly, not to hit people with)… and on the other hand, leaving early is always good. I mean, I already have my commemorative photograph (signed by all employees) of the hallway at work, so… I’m pretty much set to go, right?


One thought on “one more day…

  1. I saw some baby ducks at Disney. You should sneak out early if it’s as hot where you are as it is here! I’m skipping a 4 mile run at swim practice…

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