hooray for mini-vacays!

We are back from Ottawa; it was my first time ever there, plus we even snuck across the border to Quebec a couple times (well okay, we didn’t sneak. The Museum of Civ was over there and we even ate frites et salades at its caf).

On the way in (and actually, out), we stopped in Perth, mostly to drink coffee here:

and to take loads of pictures of flowers like this:

Of course, once we got into Ottawa I was determined not to seem touristy. This resulted in my saying loudly, everywhere we went: “Oh look it’s the [insert tourist attraction here]. Meh, we see it all the time of course, because we live here. I don’t even know why we’re [walking by/going in/taking photos/standing gape-mouthed], since we always see it.” And then of course I’d snap a photo of whatever it was.

We went here:

And saw this:

And the highlight was finding an anamorphic video installation by a favourite video artist of mine, William Kentridge. (The Gallery had also recently acquired the video I am a boy band, by Benny Nemerofsky Ramsay, which I have been searching for, in vain, on the internet for ages! Woo! Seriously if you ever get a chance to see it, don’t hesitate.)

We also did the Parliament Hill thing, but didn’t happen to run into any political biggos, at least none I recognized…

That was actually the view walking back over the bridge to Quebec.

We also made it to the Aviation Museum, and a couple of the major malls. But after 3 days straight of walking (both indoors and out), my legs were glad to get a bit of a rest when we stopped for a (picnic and) swim in Tweed.

We did the drive home in one day, which wasn’t actually that bad. By the end of it, both of us couldn’t wait to snuggle up with the kitten in our own bed.

{haha; tricked you. Despite the fact that this looks exactly like my nightstand at home, it’s actually the one at the B&B in Belleville. And that, despite its lifelike appearance, is, in fact, a stuffed animal. Not an actual cat. I heart Wally & Glady!}


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