cleaning + packing = tired

I don’t know why, but the photos I uploaded for the previous post apparently weren’t showing. I (hope that I) fixed it.

Well anyways, I’ve realized that you never really know how much stuff you’ve got until you have to pack it all. I totally just finished filling two large boxes full of “stuff”, and then looked around the room only to be unable to tell that anything was missing.

Some people might say that that means I don’t need any of that stuff. And some people would be wrong (as, aside from my extensive animal-shaped dish-and-tea-set collection, I also packed away such valuable items as: candles –which I actually dislike with some passion, but they’re alright for when the power’s out–, matches– to light aforementioned candles, you can see how I couldn’t possibly go without!–, about 62 coasters-yes, so I spill things sometimes, but seriously I doubt if two people and a cat need 62 of ’em–, and other charmers like that).

You see? All necessary. As, I imagine I will find out, are the multitude of loose batteries I found (and collected) floating around a myriad of drawers throughout the apartment. Where exactly these batteries belong, and even if they work, are mysteries best left for a day when I have a bit more energy.

Meanwhile, why would I be cleaning, you ask? After all, aren’t we just about to move anyways, making a spic and span space a bit of an unnecessary thing? No no. The apartment must be shown… the apartment must be rented out to some other unsuspecting soul(s). Therefore, the apartment must be sweptvaccuumedwasheddustedfoldedsprayedwindexedpackedtidied into an illusion of order. Then the potential renters will come in and say: “Ah! This space is clean; this space is tidy. I can imagine myself living in such a clean & tidy space.” And presto! Sold!

(Despite the obvious and overlooked fact that the clean & tidy space will only stay so if he/she/they keep up the mad cleaning.)

I love clean & tidy spaces myself, only it’s so much easier when someone else is doing the cleaning and tidying. The astonished kitten seems to like the extra space, although the poor thing runs when she hears the vaccuum. Which, of course, is very often. Twice a day, in fact.*

*If by day, you mean month. hee.


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