ticket to ride

As of approximately 3:25 pm this afternoon, I am a fully licensed driver– woo(t)! And let me say, this was by far the best road test I have experienced. Here’s why.

Alright, so I show up a precise half hour early, as stated on the registration website (you may laugh, but I wasn’t in the position to take any chances, having taken my original road test twice. Yes.) and instead of a cranky lady scolding me for not updating my current address on my license, I get a girl who compliments me on my purse. Seriously.

I sit down to wait ten minutes (“Be sure you’re waiting in the car by 3pm”) and am immediately approached by Random Business-Card-Wielding Woman, who asks me if I’ve “ever heard of her business? They sell aloe products? Good for the skin, inside and out?”– here I am handed her card, complete with photo of strange jug labelled ‘aloe’–“This one is actually aloe you can drink; it’s very good for cleansing the system? If you order directly on the website, we deliver the next day?”

I accept gracefully, and maybe even enthuse a bit (“I had no idea you could drink aloe!”). It is at about this point that I see a Jolly Looking Man walk into the drive-test centre. I hope that’s my guy.

You see, I’ve had appalling luck with my previous two testers (both women, and I vehemently subscribe to the theory that women drive-testers are meaner than men. Or at least, the two I had) one of whom actually made me cry before informing me that “Well, she was going to pass me today.”

This guy, incidentally, did turn out to be my guy. And after prompting me in great (great) detail about checking my mirrors, blind spots, etc., he informed me that we’d be doing a parallel park (my favourite! or my most hated, whatever), emergency stop (oh crap, what the hell? Is it like a regular stop, only quicker? Do I have to pretend I’m hurt? Don’t I have some sort of four-way blinkers I’m supposed to use?), driving on the highway at a speed of up to 80 km/h (!!!), three point turn (about the only thing I’m good at!), and all that good stuff.

Thank goodness the parallel park was the first thing we did. I did a pretty crappy job (got in all slanty; scooted up to the bumper ahead of me in an attempt (failed) to straighten out…) but after that, I figured what the hell, I may have already failed so there’s no use being nervous.

The rest of the test took about 20 minutes, including the time we spent “emergency stopped” (I did manage to locate the blinkers, and pressed them on with what I hoped seemed like nonchalance). At the end, he informed me that I was successful (!) and there were only a few minor details (i.e. not parking wonkily) he wanted to go over with me.

Then I went back inside (no more business cards) and GOT MY FULL, OFFICIAL LICENSE (or at least a piece of greenish paper saying that I have it; and the real one’s coming in the mail).

Yay for me!

(p.s. anyone interested in the drinkable aloe, let me know. I have a contact.)


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