Rod Stewart shops at Winners

I just thought it might be interesting to start the rumour.

No, seriously, I did see him at the mall today. He was wearing all black (which, let’s face it, is just not too practical in 30 degree weather!), sunglasses, and had this annoying swagger that just shouted: “I sing a horrible cover of ‘What a Wonderful World’ that probably makes Louis Armstrong gag a bit in his grave, and I like it.” (Just FYI, he also does a terrible version of ‘The First Cut is the Deepest’– or is that his awful song?– that competes with Sheryl Crow’s version for most likely to make you cut off your own ears.)

Anyways, so he was walking out of Winners, and then I walked by him again outside of Sears. Although, I do have to admit I didn’t see him with a shopping bag, so maybe it would be more precise of me to say: Rod Stewart Goes Into Winners to Browse. There.

I wish I had had my camera with me, because I’d totally have whipped it out and pretended to be taking a picture of something behind him, all the while focusing in on the man himself. Don’t believe me? Only this week, Colm Feore was spotted at our very mall. And even Peter Mansbridge was said to have walked by a few times. Really. I almost never embellish the truth, except when it becomes more interesting.

On the topic of interesting, I finished reading Ian McEwan’s Enduring Love, which was interesting, but had a bit of an anti-climactic ending. Like, for the whole book I’d been expecting this super twist at the end, when you find out that everything was a figment of the narrator’s imagination, but that didn’t happen. I suppose I should be happy that I didn’t predict it. It doesn’t make me any less interested in seeing the movie, though, especially when I believe that Daniel Craig (yes, of James Bond fame!) plays the supposedly “balding and middle-aged” narrator. Yeah, that one’s believable.


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