at last!

At last, we are officially moved and all settled in the new place. Let me tell you, painting took longer than I imagined… but resulted in some utterly lovely rooms, such as:

But anyways, unpacking zillions of boxes isn’t always the greatest. I mean, sometimes you find things and you’re like: “Awesome! So glad I found this box! Alright!”… and then other times you open a box and go: “Aw crikey, I kept this?!” Yeah. Pack-ratting? Not always the right choice. Meanwhile, we did manage to make about twelve drop-off trips to Goodwill with boxes of stuff even we didn’t want to hang on to. And that’s saying something.

Mostly, packing conversations went something like this:

Me: Hey, what is this?

Him: It’s a [Insert unnameable piece of hardware/tool/random memorobilia here]

Me: …Soooo… do we keep it?

Him: Of course!

Me: [sighs and pointedly makes big deal of not knowing where to pack it] Alright… if you’re sure we NEED it…

Of course, the other half of the time, the conversation was a bit more like this:

Him: [really nicely] Hon, are you sure you really want to keep ALL SIX BOXES of your old greeting cards and journals?

Me: Yes! Like, what about when I’m eighty and I think back and want to have a look at all of those things? What if I threw them out now– think how SAD I’d be then!!

Him: Oh right, of course. Just making sure.

Yep. MAJOR pack-ratting.

But something which pleases me to no end in the new place is our Library– we’ve got all our books crammed in there, as well as games and knitting supplies. What! A whole room for knitting! So I’ve taken up the Lace Top from Erika Knight’s Glamour Knits once again. I started it in the winter, and am hoping to finally finish sometime soon! The back is done, the front is about a quarter of the way finished, so it shouldn’t be too much longer…


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