lacy somethings

Lace top by Erika Knight, how I love thee.

Okay, so I am actually approaching the finish line with this one, and I absolutely can’t wait until it is finished. All that’s left is one sleeve, the ruffle for the front, and finding the buttons in a relatively matching colour. (Which, incidentally, is a darker teal than in the photo…)

In other news, I’ve discovered a new fave (Canadian) artist… Wendy McNeill. She does an amazing duet with Ane Brun (another– this time Norwegian– fave) on Ane’s duets album (recently gifted to me!) called Such a Common Bird. Both the front and sleeve of the Lace Top were knit listening chiefly to Ane Brun’s album Changing of the Seasons , on which my current favourite songs seem to be:

  • The Treehouse Song (oddly chilling-neat video here)
  • The Puzzle (equally distressing but somehow beautiful video here)
  • Ten Seconds (which for some reason reminds me of a wolf)
  • Changing of the Seasons (easily the best lyrics of them all)
  • Lullaby for Grown-Ups (sad, realistic, a bit ironic)
  • Armour (second favourite lyrics)

Yes, I realize that’s almost the entire album. What can I say? Also, if you’re in the mood, give this a listen. I can’t even really classify it. They sing a great duet.


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