So yeah, remember how it’s September? Well so far, all that’s meant is rain. And more rain. And… etc etc. Plus last night this huge tree a block away from us got blown over by the wind, cracked right down the middle of its trunk, and fell right into the road. Luckily when I left the house at 6:45 this morning (!!!) they’d moved it of the road and barricaded it in. There’ll be no sneaky esacping now, fallen tree!

Why was I leaving the house at 6-freaking-45 this morning, you ask? Oh, it’s just for work. Although the thing is, I complain like the dickens about waking up early, stomp around the house mumbling about coffee, and then like two hours later when I get home (short shift!) I’m all like: Hey! It’s only 9 o clock! This is great- I have the whole day ahead of me, what shall I do with it?

I think one of life’s greatest conundrums is whether it’s better to sleep in until noon (because hello? The sleeping?) and “waste” part of the day, or wake up super-early (let’s face it, anything before 9:30 a.m. is not natural), be grumpy, and then get a longer day. I dunno. Leave it to the philosphers.

In other news, I finished a scarf:

It’s Danica, from a past issue of Knitty, but I found it on Ravelry. I totally hijacked the use of Soy Wool Stripes for it, after seeing countless gorgeous versions online done in precisely that yarn. Plus it only cost $4 a ball, so at 4 balls, this scarf only cost $16. Woo! Anyways, people have complained about this yarn (which is 70% wool, 30% soy– who knew, go go gadget soy!) being “scratchy” and yeah, it may cause an itch on the neck or two, but it’s freaking gorgeous. So, much like a cute pair of heels that sort-of-okay-actually-more-than-sort-of hurt when you walk in them for more than 5 minutes, I’ll wear this baby through the pain mild scratching sensation.

(It’s not that bad, people!)

Oh, so anyways I was going to mention that the technique, entrelac, is soooo much fun! Seriously, I havent tried it before because I was intimidated by its criss-crossy interwovenness. But hi– it’s just stockinette stitch done from differnent angles, 10 stitches at a time. And okay, there’s a purl-two-together or two thrown in, but nothing *that* bad, I promise!

I can’t wait to wear it– bring on the cooler weather (yes I actually did just say that. I’m just yearning for a nice pair-of-pants, long-sleeved sweater, jacket + scarf day!)

PS: I got owl earrings!!!


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