that’s scary!

In honour of Halloween, which is quickly approaching, I decided to make a list of the things that scare me most. (I love making lists!) So, in no order other than as they occur to me, here goes:

1. Clowns. Anyone who knows me knows that these creatures frighten the living daylights out of me. *Not*, I might add, for any reason such as “I saw that movie IT and now clowns scare me”, or even “One time this clown attacked me with a ninja star”. Nope– just an all-over chilling feeling when I see one. And I can add a subcategory to this entry, say 1.b) Small Clowns. Which are obviously 10 billion times scarier.

2. Dinosaurs. Again, this isn’t a Jurassic Park thing. But seriously, I think dinosaurs are freaky. Especially the aquatic ones. Sometimes if I go swimming in a lake/the ocean, I imagine there might be some dinosaur-ish creature swimming around beneath the water and get nervous.

3. Post-apocalyptic/Futuristic stuff. Yep. The future is pretty freaky. Especially in loads of movies, where they show the sky turn this sort of reddish colour and everyone’s wearing masks and stuff.

4. Time-lapse footage of seasons changing. This creeps me out to no end. Like when you have a shot of the outdoor sky, and it goes really fast day-night-day-night-winter-spring-summer-fall… etc. You sort of have to see it to know what I mean.

5. Talking boots. There used to be this kids’ show called “Read-A-Long” which had talking shoes and boots as characters (ah, the 80s) and this one particular boot freaked me out.

6. The movie “City of Lost Children”. It’s french, and pretty much every scene scares me. I’ve seen it twice- once recently to “check” whether it could still freak the hell out of me. It can.

7. Alarm clock radios that go off by themselves.

8. Vaseline sculptures by Matthew Barney. Actually, pretty much anything to do with Matthew Barney. (Google him and his video series if you want to be disturbed out of your mind and never be able to look at Vaseline the same way again. Or bees.)

9. Bats. They’re just… weird.

10. Moving at a really fast speed. I could never drive a race car.


Happy Halloween!


3 thoughts on “that’s scary!

  1. No one likes clowns. No one. Trust me. Where I work, if someone so much as mentions clowns, everyone groans and shudders!

    (My mother remembers me crying in fear the first time I went to the circus and saw clowns.)

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  3. Ok, I love Dinos and Futuristic Apocalyptic stories, other that that, I think we’re on the same page. What if in a strange future, Clown eating Dinosaurs wander the earth, but are nice to people with normal coloured and non-spherical noses? Would that be scary, or would that be good? Sky colour is indeterminate at this point

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