knitting up a storm

Question: What do you do when you’re getting ripped off of hours not getting enough hours at either of your two jobs?

Answer: Knit. Knit a LOT.

The past month has been one of few working hours. Don’t get me wrong: I love relaxing at home watching endless episodes of What Not To Wear as much as the next girl, but at the end of the day, you’re also not making tons of cash. Which sort of puts a damper on my other favourite pastime: shopping. (Heehee). So I’ve managed to make a bunch of things. And here they are.

First: socks. In October (Socktober), I finally got over my fear of starting socks, spurred on by a spontaneous purchase of the most yummy yarn ever. It was a lovely purply blend, and I fondled it surreptitiously during the car ride home. (No, I was not driving). Well, actually, I’m lying. Or at least, telling a half-truth. The real truth is, I wanted to knit a test-run pair of socks, but I was too cheap thrifty to shell out for the good stuff on my first pair. Enter Bernat’s Sox Multi, a “one ball makes one full pair of socks!” bargain. Also enter Stephanie Pearl-McPhee’s Basic Sock Recipe, the result of a Ravelry search for “EASY sock pattern”.

Now, I wish I could say the first (test) pair of socks turned out magnificently. They did not. Through no fault of the recipe, (I now realize it was a multi-layered error on my part, a combination of yarn thickness and needle size, both incorrect), I ended up with a GINORMOUS first sock.

basic too-big sock(it only looks non-ginormous because I have stretched it beyond belief. But believe me. It’s big).

So I went down a needle size, gritted my teeth, and knit up the second.

This resulted in… a less-ginormous-but-still-too-big-for-human-feet second sock.

Anyways. They’re not horrible, they just fall off a lot. But I totally still wear them around the house.

After learning from my mistake, I bought the Casbah yarn and cast on for my second pair of socks: the lovely Jaywalkers.


Well. Hadn’t I just become hooked on socks, now! I immediately decided to make another, this time as a gift for Himself. After having him pick out an ever-so-soft merino skein of Mirasol Hacho in a wonderful foresty green colourway, I made these:

merino toes


It’s the Silk Garden Socks pattern, found on Ravelry. In this pic the sock is being modelled on my much smaller foot, but they fit him well. (Incidentally, if you are wondering, they took about 2.5-2.75 skeins).

Aside from the sock obsession, I also cast on and finished two (TWO!) cardigans!

cropped carie

mrs darcy

On the left, we have the Cropped Cardi from Stephanie Japel’s Fitted Knits (my very first foray into top-down garment construction, as well as a one-day bulky knit). On the right, Mrs. Darcy, a pattern by Mary Weaver. Mrs. Darcy was a project fror the Jane Austen Book Club knit-a-long. I’ve finished the sweater, but haven’t opened the book yet. Let’s just say the last time I read Sense & Sensibility I sort of wished I was re-reading Emma. Or Persuasion. But I’m going to give it a try… right after I’ve finished the new Marian Keyes. And Sophie Kinsella’s Remember Me. (hee)

Oh yeah! I almost forgot. I also knit two cowls– one which I don’t really love, so I won’t put up a pic just now, and also the Philly Cowl:


It was also a pattern I came across on Ravelry and had to make. The yarn is cheap– Bernat Satin Solids in Heathered Plum– but soft for an acrylic. This cowl took about half a skein.

Anyways, I’m now currently working on an afghan, which may or may not be completed by the time warm weather rolls around next spring. Oh, and a scarf for a Christmas gift. (It’s Shifting Sands, if you must know).

We’re having extremely strange weather for November: for the past few weeks I’ve been busting out the scarves and mittens, but today it’s too warm (!) to wear any of my cardigans. Either way, there’s more knitting to be done. So, I’ll write later.

PS- I’m really looking forward to a couple movies coming out this month. Happy Go Lucky, and Australia. If you see them before me, let me know what you think!


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