1. foodsI love going grocery shopping.
  2. When I go grocery shopping, I hate it when people park their carts right in front of the exact thing I’m looking for. I hate it even more when two people do this on either side of the aisle, as they have an inane conversation in front of the granola bars.
  3. When I park my cart in front of something, I expect people to go around it.
  4. Sometimes people move your cart.
  5. That’s why I never leave my purse in the cart.
  6. I’ve learned that you should always dress in your winter clothes when you’re going to the grocery store. Even in July.
  7. One time I went to the grocery store and a man was walking through with a live parrot on his shoulder.
  8. Always check the expiration dates.
  9. My favourite food to shop for is cheese. I can browse the cheese aisle for ages, especially in ritzy grocery stores that have specialty cheeses.
  10. If someone buys me a cheese platter, they have won my heart forever.
  11. My 2 least favourite sections of the grocery store are: Seafood (always an unidentifiable but inevitably fishy smell…) and Meat. When I walk by Meat, I usually avert my eyes so it all blurs into a big reddish haze.
  12. I also love looking at bath products and soap, even if I don’t need any.
  13. Grocery stores that also sell cosmetics are a dream come true. You can find everything you need, as well as things you didn’t even know you needed!
  14. They usually play really crap music. Even crapper than at the mall. Only once have I ever gone into a grocery store and heard, of all the random wonderful things, jazz playing.
  15. I recently discovered the joys of going grocery shopping at night. Empty aisles, and discounted foods!

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