sock it to me

In other news… I’m still knitting socks.

In my defense, I seem to have this trend going on where I can’t estimate how much yarn I’ll need to make one pair of socks. So I use all these shortcuts, don’t make the foot as long as I think it should be (it will stretch!), make the leg a bunch shorter than I’d actually like (what if I run out, mid-second sock?)… yeah. Let me mention here a bit sheepishly that never once have I actually been knitting a pair of socks and run out of yarn. What’s been happening, in fact, is that I keep ending up with a squidge of yarn left over– a squidge which is just that teeny bit less than needed to make another pair of socks. It might actually be enough to make one single sock, or maybe not even that.

So what to do with the leftovers? Must. Not. Waste. Yarn.

First, I knit myself and himself teeny cell-phone cosies in the leftover yarn from our respective socks. Guess what? Still more yarn left over.

From that one skein (“One skein makes one pair of socks!”) of Bernat Sox Multi, I managed not only to make the Biggest First Pair of Socks Ever (unintentional), but also to be left over with enough yarn to drive me mad trying to think of what to use it for.

Enter Super Short Socks, a pattern found on Ravelry, and originating from this blog. They call for about 50 grams of fingering-weight yarn, precisely what I found myself with after the Big Socks. As of today,  I have finished the first sock:

mini sockIt’s a wee little thing, and as usual, it looks like after I finish the second one I will have just a bit of yarn left over! (groan)

I also finished knitting a scarf for himself- Shifting Sands from Grumperina‘s blog. It’s made using 2 skeins of a variegated yarn in an assortment of woodsy brown colours which simply refused to be properly photographed.

shifting sands


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