In the recent snowy weather, the following things are the most cosy:

1. A hot cup of half coffee-half hot chocolate. Seriously. Best. Ever. Just make your coffee like normal, then add two (or three, heehee) heaping spoonfuls of hot chocolate mix. Enjoy!
2. The kitten, snuggled up on my lap. Haven’t had a good picture of her here for some time, so–

lovey cat

3. Knitting, and subsequently wearing, a warm wooly sweater–

cosy v neck

Stefanie Japel’s Cosy V-Neck, from Fitted Knits. Lovelovelove. Top-down? Love. Seamless? Love. I even knit the sleeves in the round, so the only technical ‘seaming’ I did was to sew down the collar. What? Love.

I bought the yarn, a 100% Icelandic wool roving, for $4.99 a bag (each bag had two skeins) at Value Village. Eight skeins for $20?? I didn’t even use all 8 for the sweater; only 6 and a bit of the 7th. I’ve seen some interesting felted projects made from this exact yarn on Ravelry, and am considering trying one of them. Slippers? Mittens?

PS- I like to spell “cosy” the right way, even though WordPress clearly thinks I can’t spell. Okay, maybe in America you spell it “cozy”, but Canada, Great Britain, and probably all of the Commonwealth countries spell it with an S. So there, Stop underlining in red now, please.

PPS- WordPress also underlines its own name as a spelling error. Love.


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