I want to go to there

Hey! Still here; still alive. Good, actually. Actually, I *may* be excellent, depending on the news I may or may not get tomorrow. (Job-related. I don’t want to say unless it happens. V. v. nerve-wracking though.)

I’ve been up to a lot:

As is apparent, some things have been completed; others are just begun.

I have two new favourite TV shows: 30 Rock (from which the title to this post comes… ah, popcorn on the plane…), and The Big Bang Theory. How I managed to find two new shows to watch now that our channel selection is down to 4 (+ one in french, for fun) is beyond me. But there you go. Watch them.

It’s certainly been a barrel of laughs working retail during the past month. In the midst of both a sidewalk sale (where half of the store is out in the hall) and a semi-annual clearance (where, to many a customer’s disbelief, we try to sell all of our winter stuff at sale prices), we’ve had to field the question: “Are you closing?” more times than I can count. The current state of the economy, whatever that might be (I have a strong suspicion that nothing is ever as bad as my local newcasters tell me), has also contributed to this apparent fear of everything closing.

I actually had one woman who refused to let me order her a pair of jogging pants (which she was more than a little bit disappointed we didn’t have) because “How do I know that tomorrow you won’t be closed? Stores are closing every day– how do you know it won’t be YOU?” she asked, in rather ominous tones. I watched her leave the store, stil muttering to herself that she would buy the pants when we had them in the store. Not understanding that we won’t get any more until next season.

“Are you closing?…. But your store looks so EMPTY!” Yes, try looking out into the hallway where our seven racks are keeling to one side with the weight of sale sweaters. Also try reading the enormous Clearance signs on every wall of the store, and try really hard to make the connection between the word “clearance” and the phenomenon of trying to get rid of old clothes. Really. Try your best.

Arg. If I sound overly sarcastic, it’s only because I have to reassure people twelve times that the spring delivery is just around the corner. And even then they walk out of the store mumbling to their friends that they’ve “never seen the store so EMPTY!”

Luckily, I still retain most of the faculty of my brain. Even amidst all the stupidity. I do wish spring would hurry up, however– I’ve had enough of wiping inches of snow off the car windshield every time I want to step out for groceries. Spring? I want to go to there.


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