waiting game

I’m stuck in a waiting game. And I’m the worst waiter ever. Seriously. Oh, I can wait patiently enough when there’s a discernable end-to-the-waiting in the foreseeable future. For instance, standing in lines at grocery check-outs. Or at a red light, or a train-crossing. Or before a movie starts. All those situations are fine, since you always know the wait will be over in x amount of time. You know this. It’s those times when you don’t even know for sure whether anything will come of your waiting that are so hard to put up with.

One of the reasons I’m The Worst at waiting is that I’m a tragically early shower-upper. So like, if I’m supposed to meet someone, I show up 20 minutes early, and then when they arrive on time, I’ve already been waiting 20 minutes. But I just can’t force myself to arrive late. Or even exactly on time. Because if anything ever came up, and I had scheduled it so I’d arrive right on time, I’d end up being late.

So I have a hard time waiting for people, because despite all the odds I always start to wonder if I got the time/place/person wrong… if something happened to them… etc etc. (I’m also a big worrier; yay!) It’s not like I’ve been stood up or something, or have a history of getting these things wrong, it’s just my automatic train of thought.

Right now, I am waiting for Job News, which I had expected to get last week (as mentioned in the previous post). Grf. But of course, since I spent all of last week grawing my fingernails and waiting, the news didn’t come. I did get some reassurance, and can now expect to hear news by the middle of this week. Or at least, I hope so.

While waiting totally being blase about things today, I crocheted a little love bird.

bluebirdbirdie side view

The pattern can be found here, on Bittersweet blog. Mine is significantly rounder and smaller, since I was using up some leftover cotton yarn.

Last week, I made a market bag, although I haven’t had the chance to try it out at the actual Saturday Market yet.

market bagclose up bag

The pattern is Mineco, which I found as a free download on Ravelry. I really liked how it turned out, and kind of like the idea of making one from organic cotton, as soon as I find some for a good price! Possible gifting ideas are starting to take shape…

I’ve also been working on Erika Knight’s Military Cardigan, from the lovely Classic Knits. It’s not hard (although the reverse-all-shaping directions really bug me) but there’s going to be tons of seaming when I’m done, and I’m not really looking forward to it. I’ve almost finished the individual pieces; I’m working on the sleeves right now. All that’s left is pockets, epaulets (!), and the collar.

Oh! And I got the new Debbie Bliss magazine- Spring/Summer 2009 issue. I thought the Fall/Winter one was great, but this one is amazing to look at as well! I love love love all of the photos. Even if I never make anything from it, I love poring over the colour schemes and layouts of the photo shoots. They really did a stellar job.


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