1. I love love love my new job. I am a proofreader, which I know sounds terrifically exciting, and it is. The things that I get to proofread are:
  2. – Wedding invitations (I know, gag, but they can be ever so funny and also have really horrible spellings of names…)
  3. – Business cards, and other business-y things such as letterhead. Some are from Big Name Corporations, and others are just random one-off companies, or like, the man who is a plumber that lives in the apartment below you.
  4. – Christmas cards. Yes, *I* realize as well as you do that It. Is. March. But whatev, in the world of company Christmas-card giving, every day is the right day to order cards. You know, those cheesy ones you get from your dentist that are like: “Seasons Greetings from <insert your dentist’s name here>”
  5. So. Despite the fact that I’ve been silent for more than a month here, I am in fact doing well.
  6. But my knitting production has gone down inverse-exponentially as a result of working full-time. Sometimes I half-heartedly pick up a project and knit a few rows, or rounds as the case may be, but the only thing I’ve finished has been a throw which is knit from super-bulky wool and size 13ish needles. And it was done entirely in garter stitch.
  7. This afternoon I shared a container of big, fresh-cut, greasy, chipwagon french fries. They were amazingly good.
  8. I’m thinking of trying to eat healthier.
  9. I said thinking.
  10. Oddly enough, though I read 8 hours of the day at work, I also read during my breaks. And even at home. So I’ve finished a wonderful book: “A Pale Horse” by Charles Todd.
  11. And I’ve started a new book: “Maynard and Jennica” by Rudolph Delson. This was a random pick at the bookstore a few weeks ago, and after dipping into a few pages and reading a few lines, it passed the “Is this book worth reading or is it crap?” test. So far it is exceedingly funny and innovative. I think I may end up loving it, but we’ll have to wait ’til the end.
  12. Bye for now; hope to be writing again soon!

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