springtime bandit

I have never finished an item of lace this quickly before.

It is Springtime Bandit (rav it) and was a free pattern, yay! I had a skein of Handmaiden Casbah sock yarn, so lovely and soft, in the Stardust colourway (such a good movie, based on the equally good book by Gaiman). I thought I was going to make socks with it, since I love love love my Jaywalkers made from the same yarn. I even selected about 7 patterns on Ravelry and in my knitting books that would be perfect for the yarn.

And then I met Springtime Bandit. I have been planning to make a shawlette for some time now, and thought a nice way to start one would be using sock-weight yarn instead of lace-weight. This pattern came up, and I immediately printed it out and got out the needles.

I used 5.5mm circs, as called for in the pattern. And I’d have been able to finish the entire pattern with the 355 yds in one skein if I’d used just one needle size smaller, I imagine. As it was, I got to the *very* last row and had to un-knit in order to have enough yarn to bind off with. And even then, I took “bind off loosely” to another level of meaning, (i.e.: tightly) as well as having to locate the two small pieces of yarn that had been holding the skein together when I got it, and attach them to the end of my shawl in order to have enough to bind off with.


I wore it to work today, pre-blocking even (if anyone knows how to block lace, I am very interested. I have a fear of ruining this lovely thing). It’s perfect for the (finally) nice spring weather we’re starting to have here. I may even wear it to Easter dinner tomorrow.

On a completely unrelated note, I have read *three* separate wedding reply cards at work that all have this same gem of a phrase:

“Please indicate your choice of dinner entree:


Anyone else not quite up to cannibalism at a wedding?


2 thoughts on “springtime bandit

  1. What a beautiful shawl! I have some casbah in my stash and have this down for a summer project. (The casbah blocks beautifully, don’t be afraid of it.)

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