We suffered a great loss this Wednesday evening, April 29th. Hot on the heels of an amazing weekend in Toronto (involving a live Jeff Martin concert that was indescribable), our own Sashenka, the loveliest charmingest kitten in the world, died suddenly at home. The sense of loss is nothing compared to the difficulty of facing the now empty apartment day after day. Anyone who has ever been lucky enough to be owned by a pet will understand that they leave their mark in every room, on every piece of furniture… each mundane action at home is associated with them, and when they’re no longer there everything seems incomplete.

We were lucky to have been blessed with her companionship for two years, and will miss her dearly. Love you, Sashenka-princess-lovecat-muffiny-cupcake-monkey-lemondrop-purrface-loveyloo. xoxoxox


4 thoughts on “loss

  1. Dear Leanna and George: I am so sorry that sweet Sashenka had to pass away at such an early age. I know she meant a lot to you both. She could not have had better caretakers than the two of you. Love,Mum

  2. Many who have never experienced the deep ties that can exist between a human and an animal have no idea the great sense of loss that can be felt when one looses the other. The Love, Joy and happiness shared is indescribable as is the deep unconsolable pain when parted. Our pets teach us if we listen that our time here is short. In time Tears will be replaced with smiles when you think of her, and even more importantly as the days go buy you will see even more clearly all the wonderful gifts she gave you. Her time here on earth was short, but oh how privledged you were to have known and loved her. My heart goes out to you.

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