happy beginning

We have happy news: meet Leela, our newly adopted lovekitten.

leelacatShe’s very sweet, very mischievous, and a complete purr-machine. (Currently she is trotting happily from room to room with a jingly-bell spider toy). We’re so very happy to have a kitten in the apartment again.

Also, I’ve been crafting things. On Friday, I went to the yarn store and brought home five skeins of Cascade Pima Tencel. Look at the lovely colours:

DSCF3980 DSCF3981

I’ve been really loving the easy rhythm of crochet lately, especially working on hexagons under the tutorial of this lovely blog. I hope I’ll have enough yarn to make a small blanket, or pillow cover or something. But for now, just enjoying each colourful hexagon on its own is enough!


And! In a stroke of brilliance, Himself has decided to brighten up our dear little balcony with flowers. It looks wonderful already, but I’m pretty excited to see things when they start blooming. I happen to have a black thumb, but I’m happy to observe the process and compliment the loveliness of it all. Here’s a peek from when the flowers first arrived:

potted plant

And a view from the bedroom- spring is finally, gloriously here.



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