snuggle up

The 5 skeins of Cascade Pima Tencel turned out to be just the right amount to make a cushion cover.

hex pillow

Here it is, enjoying its spot beside my cabled knit pillow. The back of the pillowcase is just a section of a thrift-store sweater (in a lovely pale teal blue), and I had to do some pretty creative joining as a result of the non-straight-edged shape that came when I joined five rows of hexagons together.

I do quite love it, actually. My other ongoing project is what I’m hoping will be a lap blanket or throw:

summer garden

Those are Summer Garden granny squares from the pattern on Attic 24. I accidentally joined one wrong-side-up, and was too lazy to undo it. It’s now snugged in the middle of a row, with another two rows blocking it in for good measure, so I figure I’ll just leave it and no one will likely notice. I’m using Patons Grace for this blanket, eleven balls of which were gifted to me by my lovely mum. Even if I have to buy more to make it truly blanket-sized, it will still be a super bargain.

The warmer spring/summer weather has really been prompting me to use cotton yarn, and somehow crocheting is less warming than knitting. Something about how you never have a whole line of stitches on your hook, I guess. Or I’m just randomly enjoying a crochet spell. Tant pis.

On a completely different note– ever been to this site? Well I have. I love how, despite the fact that it’s meant for the most part to be satire and tongue-in-cheek, it is nevertheless quite true. Peacoats? I have one. Vespas? Sure want one. Grammar? Grammar?? I hardly think this one needs mentioning. But the point of this random subject change was to mention that Wes Anderson movies appears in the top ten things. (It is in fact, #10 itself). And in the past few weeks, I have watched no fewer than 4 of his movies.

We started with The Royal Tenenbaums, which I had never previously seen. Enjoyment of this prompted Himself to remark that we should also watch: The Darjeeling Limited, The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, and most recently, Rushmore. And what the hell? I liked them all! I also have a newfound respect for Owen Wilson’s acting (having previously associated him with the “Shanghai Noon”/ “Shanghai Twelve-Thirty” gems, to what I now realize is his great discredit). Also- Bill Murray? Still very very funny. And now forever associated in my mind with Jacques Cousteau.


2 thoughts on “snuggle up

  1. Woot. We’re so white. One more Wes Anderson Movie to go, Bottle Rocket scheduled for early this week. Love! Great Pillow by the way.

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