In a stroke of pure brilliant luck, I was sent home from work early today since there were scarcely any orders coming in to proofread. This also happens to be my weekend off, which means early start to the weekend! Yay!

Outside on le balcony, we now have:

flower pot

a pot full of golden flowers, rather than just the promise of flowers. I’d have snapped a better shot, but it just so happens that all the blooms are facing the other way… away from the balcony towards the sunlight.

So, what shall I do with this bonus afternoon away from work?

ripply goodness

Meet my ripple blanket. I started it ages ago when I first learned crochet as a way to “use up some cotton scraps.” As so often happens with my projects, I’ve since had to purchase additional yarn to continue the blanket. Ah well. It was a super-deal at (of all places) Giant Tiger, where they are selling mill’s ends of cotton yarn at $5 per pound. For me, this equalled three skeins of 100% cotton, in the same ivory colour I recently ran out of.

Since the weather is actually wonderful, and the predicted thunderstorm doesn’t seem to be happening, I’m planning to sit on le balcony for a while and keep rippling away.

Here is a close-up, avec kitty paws:

ripple + cat

Later on if I need a break from all that strenuous work (!), I’ve got magazines and three library books to keep me busy. Himself gets home at 9 p.m., but I forgot, once again, to take the lovely raspberry trifle (store-bought, people, store-bought!) out of the freezer to defrost. As it is currently 4 p.m. and said trifle takes approx. 8 hours to defrost, I regret to say we won’t be having it tonight. Sorry, love!


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