Take a look:


I stole this idea from Real Simple magazine, this special “organization” issue my mum lent me one time. What’s this? Well, you know how you have a bunch of earrings and you’ve lost the plastic thingies they come on when you buy them, and sometimes you really want to wear a certain pair or earrings, but since they’re all jumbled up in a dish on your dresser, you can only ever find one? And you know how you also have a stash of random odd buttons that came with sweaters you’ve bought over the years and have held onto just in case you needed to use them, but you never have actually had to use these buttons for anything? (Or is that just me?)

Anyways, this is the solution:


Yep! You keep each pair on a separate button, and ~le voila!~ easy to find both earrings when you want to. I love neat uses for random objects like that.

On a possibly related topic, do you like looking at other people’s jewellery boxes and dressers and pretty stuff like that? I love it. So here’s some pictures of how I keep things on my dresser.

owl dish

I recently lucked out and found this white owl dish to keep my owl earrings, which in this photo are hidden under my watch.

ring box

This box holds various rings, and a small mirror that has come unglued from its backing, but which I still use by holding it together tightly. (Not sure why!!)

jewellery boards

I got the idea for these boards in Blueprint magazine, which sadly is no longer in print. They suggested using wooden boards and decorative hooks, but I cheaped out and used dollar store canvas covered in dollar store cardstock, and then stuck plastic pins in it to hang things off of.

But what’s that thing on the right, you ask?

weeping yogi

It’s a vignette (!) I created years ago, which has moved house with me no fewer than three times, made up of i. a weeping yogi wooden statuette, ii. some marbles, and iii. some decorative stones with messages painted on, gifts from teachers and loved ones. Everything sits in a wooden dish made by my grandfather.

sleepy cat

This isn’t my dresser anymore, but I came into the library to write this, and Leela-cat was in one of her (many) favourite spots: lying on top of the table, beside a magazine, watching the outdoors through the window.

Have a nice weekend! (I’m working, but I do get mornings off, which means sleeping in…!)


One thought on “pretties

  1. A beautiful new fresh look to your page love. Leela says *sneeze* *sneeze* which I believe in kitten means “I like it… *sneeze*”

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