ripply update

So, the ripple blanket progresses:

ripple in progress

Currently, I have about one and two-thirds of a skein of yarn left to knit with, and the blanket almost stetches across the end of the bed. It’s likely destined to become a cozy foot-warming sort of throw, for times when  it’s too hot for a duvet but too chilly for just the bedsheets. Since it’s cotton, it should be a nice summer-weight blanket, and I may even use it for snuggling on the couch in the evening. It’s made entirely with various colours of  Bernat worsted-weight Handicrafter Cotton, and a 4.0mm* hook.

I may progress a bit more tonight; it’s awfully thunderstorm-y and I have laundry to look forward to, so some crochet time might be in order, I think!


*As I mentioned,  I started this blanket ages ago– January, to be precise. About a month ago when I picked it up again, I couldn’t remember what hook I’d been using, so I grabbed the nearest one- a 4.5mm, and rippled away. It was only after using up the rest of that skein of cotton and more that I realized the stitches looked a teeny bit looser than those at the beginning of the blanket. It then occurred to me that I should be using a 4.0mm hook, which I intend to finish off the blanket with.

PS- I finished that last sentence with a preposition on purpose. Sometimes “with which I intend to finish” just gives off the wrong tone. Ah, grammatical rules.


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