Well, isn’t it predictable. I’m right in the midst of two lovely blankety projects (Summer Garden Throw & Ripple), and what did I do today?

I started a new one:


Okay, so it’s my afternoon off, remember? And if I happened to purchase some yarn, what’s the big deal? (*blush*)


For a little while now, I’ve been craving the soothing rhythm of Just Plain Grannying– nothing fancy, no hexagons or anything. So when I saw this yarn, which was a pretty good deal considering the yardage, I decided to get started.


I’ve got six colours, all but one of which are Red Heart Eco-Ways yarn.


It’s mostly acrylic (the other part is recycled polyester fibres, hence the “eco”), but it’s really not bad for the price. I’d like to eventually make a nice wool or wool-blend blanket, especially for cuddling under in the wintertime, but for now this yarn fits my budget.


But I haven’t forgotten about my lovely Summer Garden Throw…


It is now 10 squares long by 4 squares wide. I’m hoping to make it to 10 x10… and then add a pretty yellow edging…


This is a work weekend for me, so I am extra happy about my afternoon off. And I will have both mornings off, which gives Himself and I enough time to (we hope) go yard-sale-ing around the neighbourhood tomorrow, and maybe some other various jaunts about town.

Something we love (and mock) about living in a smaller town (compared to our home city) is how people seem to think there are different “ends” of town. Coming from a city where driving from one end to the other actually can take the better part of an hour in daytime traffic, this is funny. We hear people all the time saying: “Oh no, I hardly ever get out to that end of town.” And we’re always like: people! Come on! You can walk from one end to the other in less than an hour… you can drive from anywhere to anywhere else in about ten minutes! What’s all this nonsense about “that end” of town!

So, yes. We may make it out to various “ends” of town! All in one morning! Happy weekend.


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