blankety loveliness

The giant granny square is complete!


It’s not enormous or anything, but it is the largest granny square I’ve done, and big enough to snuggle under while sitting on the couch.

blur cat

Alternately, it’s big enough to cover up a (blurry) kitty cat with and watch the cuteness.


I grannied all the way around until I didn’t have enough yarn left for a complete round. The colour sequence was planned, and stays the same throughout. Then, for the last few rows, I did single (UK double) crochet in each stitch.


It created a nice border, and let me use up almost all the yarn. I haven’t quite decided what to do with the leftovers yet. For now, I’m excited to get to try out the new blankie, and I guess now I’ll have the time to work some more on the Ripple and Summer Garden!

folded blanket

It’s almost the weekend… yaaayy!


4 thoughts on “blankety loveliness

    • Thank you! I still have 4 more rows to do on Summer Garden… I’m looking forward to seeing your granny square blanket as well!

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