shopping trip

I really wasn’t planning to buy anything– I promise– but I couldn’t resist:

salt and pep

They are salt and pepper shakers!! And for only $4 for the set, it was impossible not to buy them. They are enjoying a spot on the table, close to the other ceramic animals in the dining room.

And! The Big Purchase, equally unplanned but equally necessary once seen:

new quilt

A lightweight quilt/counterpane for summer– much nicer than just sheets, and cooler than the duvet which has been removed since spring. Here’s a closer look at the adorable pattern…

quilt detail

See? And the bluey-green in the background just fit perfectly with the current colour scheme. Really, there was no way not to buy it. Plus, it came with the two pillow shams pictured above, *and* a quilted bag in the same fabric & pattern, which I’ve sort of declared as a yarn storage bag. I mean- it’s huge and lovely, just perfect for keeping at my side while knitting or crocheting!

mini rose

This weekend has been quite lovely so far, despite both the rainy weather and plethora of bad drivers (if you’re out there, orange Pontiac Pursuit with license plate “Gripstrs”, this means YOU). Just enough relaxing mixed in with going out, which is my favourite combination for a weekend.

Even Leela has found time to enjoy her favourite pastime: fish-watching!

kitty fish


2 thoughts on “shopping trip

    • Thanks– it really is! I saw the price, $4, and thought it was for each one, but when the salesperson told me it was for the set, I was like– sold!

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