I’m a little bit afraid that global warming is working backwards. Because summer? It hasn’t been nearly as warm as usual.   I’m hardly complaining, as spring temperatures are my very favourite, and I’d happily live in 20 degree weather year-round, but it’s just… worrying. I heard (well, someone in the lunchroom remarked) that this year we’re not getting our super-hot weather until September. Which to me is Fall. What the?

It made me wonder if the seasons are slowly going to shift, like in twenty years we will have summer in November and winter in June. Which is pretty disconcerting.

The plus side to the cooler summer is it not being too hot to knit and crochet!

quilted bag

This is the huge quilted bag that my new coverlet came in…

crochet in a bag

And here’s a peek at my Ripple Blanket, which is residing happily inside. It comes out most nights to have a few more rows added on, but I do get some pleasure in folding it all back up again and placing it in the soft, roomy bag.

It isn’t so hot that the blanket becomes overbearing while I’m working on it, especially since it’s cotton yarn. But I do really hope it gets so boiling hot one of these days that it’s perfect beach weather. Preferably on a Friday afternoon when I’m off! Ooh- and maybe we can bring a picnic along…


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