bonus day off

summer sky

So, I have the day off tomorrow (don’t ask). Yes, it is a Thursday, and no, it’s not an official holiday. This comes right before the real Long Weekend, which I randomly *do* get off– all glorious three days of it– so it’s rather nice, although unexpected.


If only the weather would be as nice as on the day I took these pictures (about a week ago, in a brief respite from all this rain!), I might consider ambling about for a nice walk.

yellow flowers

There’s certainly no shortage of lovely scenery around, although I am heavily leaning towards spending the entire day wearing pyjamas* and snuggling with the kitten. (*I will not, however, leave the house wearing said pyjamas, something I have unfortunately seen much too much of lately. And not just at Shoppers Drug Mart either, when it might possibly be excusable to run out in pj pants on your way to get cough syrup or something. Ack– pet peeve alert.)

snuggle cat

Who knows? I suppose the weather will partly dictate my plans.

mega flower

To anyone else enjoying an unexpectedly long Long Weekend, have fun! And sniff lots of flowers.

PS- I will soon take more photos of our balcony garden… the herbs have absolutely taken off (we had to cut back the chives!) and the colourful flowers look wonderful.


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