summer granny squares

Last week the Summer Garden Granny Blanket looked like this:

borderless granny

It was coming along nicely, well on its way to being 10 squares by 10… and then I ran out of white. It wasn’t a big deal, as I managed to get it to be 10 x 8 squares in size by that time. So I decided it was time for a border.

After already taking full advantage of both the Summer Garden Granny Squares and Joining Granny Squares As You Go tutorials from the lovely Attic 24,  I figured why not go all the way (!) and try out the scalloped edging tutorial as well. I’m so glad I did!


In spite of running out of white yarn, I still had plenty of pink left, as well as some blue and green. So I first did some rounds of plain grannying around the entire blanket (and thank goodness I had joined the squares as I went, otherwise nightmare!) and then did three rounds in the apricot yellow before starting the scallops. The edging is so pretty! I love the finished effect it gives the blanket.

And… here it is in its fully complete state:

summer garden granny complete

And on the couch:

summer granny

It’s a teeny bit smaller than I expected (again with the overestimating yardage) and will work as more of a decorative throw than an actual blanket. But I pretty much call anything rectangular that is relatively large a ‘blanket’, so there.

Yay! Another completed project, with yarn to spare, even! (Tally: 2 balls yellow, 1 ball pink, .5 green, .5 brown, and maybe .25 blue left over. Any ideas for a small stashbuster?) PS- I used Patons Grace for the whole thing, remember?

I don’t currently have anything else major on the go, aside from a few things I started knitting ages ago and never really got into. I have promised Himself a pair of socks for his birthday, which is coming up in September, but the recent heat (yes, my cool un-summer has ended with a brutal heatwave) isn’t really prompting sock knitting. I have the yarn already, though, so maybe I will start sometime. It’s not like I have to wear the socks, right?


9 thoughts on “summer granny squares

  1. As you’re on an ‘attic24’ roll – i’d suggest the little birdie hanging decoration all the way. They’re so pretty and I used them last winter to attach with gift tags for christmas pressies. great for using up odds and ends

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