hi there

Thank goodness for non-work weekends, because I was beginning to go a little nutty. Last Friday was the last of the half-Fridays at work, and we went to the beach!! It was the only time I’ve been this year, and I didn’t take a single picture as I forgot my camera at home. But it was perfect… the rock-hunting, the careful selection of oddly-shaped pieces of driftwood which we will try to put in the fish tank after cleaning them… the swimming (the water was awesome! So blue!)… the picnic (sandwiches, chips, lemonade)… and the lying in the sun with a book, and half dozing off. Loved it.

We brought home some neat rocks and driftwood-

beach finds

I haven’t really had the chance to go through them yet, but just think of the vignettes that can be made!

Speaking of going through, I recently took the time to sort through my Jar of Random Buttons…

reds and blues

silvers and golds



When I was a kid, we used to sort them by colour, size, use them as currency… etc. And I still enjoy doing that– although not many places would accept buttons as currency I imagine.

And in crochet news, I stumbled across Sarah London’s wonderful day-by-day mystery motif tutorial, and I made a doily! I found the tutorial after all six rounds had been published and I saw the end result before starting, but still, I had fun.


It is currently living in the bathroom, jazzing up the toothpaste holder:


Yay for brightening up random surfaces in the house. I love sneaking in teeny knit or crocheted things in every room and waiting to see when Himself notices. It’s lots of fun!

I also started knitting some socks, just simple ones from Interweave’s Favourite Socks book. They’re supposed to be a birthday gift for Himself, but I’m not sure they’ll be done by then, then being the end of this month. Haha, I’ve had the yarn since spring, I think, but sock-knitting feels so much more a fall activity.

Anyways, off to do some quick grocery shopping I think. Enjoy the weekend!


One thought on “hi there

  1. Hi Leanna,
    Just finished reading your “bird on a pencil”, I really enjoyed it. You are soo funny and so positive about things that you make me very proud. You see and appreciate all the small things that most people don’t.
    I am glad that you are enjoying life to the fullest and having fun with the little “trips” around your area. Save me a small “souvenier” that you find on your expeditions and maybe I can make a cool necklace with it. Lovexxoo, Dada

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