lovely mail

I love getting mail– other than my credit card statement and various money grabs from the government (i.e. income tax notification of money owing… yuck). And I was ever so happy to open the mailbox today! Because in the midst of a Quizno’s flyer (they now deliver! for a charge of $3 not including driver’s tip!), an ad for our provincial MP, and a pamphlet giving me advice on preventing swine flu (wash your hands! don’t sneeze on other people!) I found this!

snail mail

A wonderful packet of lovely surprises from Jenny, over at  Stitcher and Scribbler. Now, she had asked a little while ago for any volunteers to send some stamps to fill her journal, and in exchange was offering the most adorable handmade stamp badges. And despite the fact that the post office man had nothing more exciting than a Vancouver 2010 Olympics stamp for overseas delivery, she sent back a whole bunch of papery goodness!

Some of my favourite little things were:

  • a postage stamp from Poland (I’m part Polish! And I’m sure I never mentioned that before!)
  • a little button sewn on some ribbon
  • some adorable bunny paper

And, of course:

heart stamp

My heart stamp!! Yaaaay– thank you super-much, Jenny!! This type of hand-sewn sweetness, along with the sneak peek into Cath Kidston’s new book (in Country Living this month), really really makes me want to learn how to sew. I mean, more than just sewing a button back on, or sewing up a spot under the sleeve of a sweater that ripped when I tried to take it off. You know. Good sewing.

This letter was really quite a nice surprise at the end of a rather tiring work day (someone off sick and the rest of us had to scramble to do both our job and hers). I do so love papery things… note paper, stickers, cards. Apologies for the lack of photos of every adorable thing, but WordPress was being cranky and kept taking forever to upload pictures, and giving me “IO errors” in angry red letters. (Which, let’s be honest, is a bit unfair, seeing as it’s me who should be talking in angry red letters when I am unable to upload photos). Rest assured that my paper-love is being satisfied.

I heart mail!


3 thoughts on “lovely mail

  1. I’m so glad it arrived and you like it! I had no idea you were part Polish, I just thought it was a pretty stamp. What a coincidence!
    Thank you so much for sending me snail mail :)

  2. i can read your blog on my phone. Yay. Keep updating, makes my day at work so much better. It’s almost like texting you, but any time of day.

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