comforts of home

Today I’m taking a sick day and spending an entire Saturday enjoying the comforts of home. Especially lovely is the sunny November light pouring through the windows this morning. If  I have to be sick, I’d prefer there to be sun– gloomy days make me feel even more ill.

No worries, it’s not the FLU. It is in fact a rather stubborn cold which is doing bad things to my sinuses & throat. I shall sip many cups of tea and enjoy some more of The Office (season 5), and hopefully I will be all better in time for my 3-10 shift tomorrow afternoon (a girl needs some cash flow, people).


Sometimes I enjoy wandering around the apartment, sort of taking in all of the little things I sometimes miss in my usual rushing around before work. Weekends, particularly sick days, are an especially good time to do so.

ceramic deer

This ceramic deer is something I rescued from our apartment building’s laundry room. People drop off various commemorative mugs and things they don’t want/need anymore, and if no one takes them I’m pretty sure they’re all trashed. I felt that I couldn’t let that happen to this particular deer. So I brought it home.

bowl of love

I put these glass hearts in a bowl for Valentine’s day like four years ago, and then I liked how it looked. So I kept them.

new mug

mug and spoon

And this is my new Work Mug, which cheers me up and allows me to drink tea at breaktime. I’ve been hooked on this kind called “green & black”, which is a mixture of the two. Sometimes I find green tea to be a bit bland, and adding black tea was a nice solution.

Anyways, excuse me now while I do some general tidying-up around the place. If that sounds crazy for a sick day, blame it on the illness. My head isn’t quite right. I find that sometimes when I’m not feeling well, I just want everything around me to be clean, shiny, and tidy. It’s not like I’ll be dragging around a vaccuum cleaner or anything. Enjoy the weekend- I hope everyone is having such lovely weather! (In NoVEMber!)

PS: Does anyone know what to do with a crazybones kitten who jumps on everything and knocks objects off of shelves, tables, countertops, and all surfaces of the house? Seriously, she is trouble.


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