wooly treat

Thanks for the get-well wishes– it took several days to get rid of whatever was bothering me, but I am feeling my best once again. (Helping greatly is the upcoming weekend off- yay!)

To make myself get better more quickly, I bought some lovely yarn. That logic works, right? Well, I’ve been drooling over photos of wonderfully cosy crochet blankets (see this one over at {Peppermints & Poppies} and this one from {Little Tin Bird}… both using Rowan wool) for some time now. And, having used Rowan yarn before (kidsilk haze & little big wool), I knew it was worth the splurge. You know, to make sure I got better.

I bought five balls, in five different colours… just to get started. It is Rowan Pure Wool 4ply, and the colours weren’t my favourite to begin with– frankly the yarn store had a very small selection– but when I played around with some combinations, this one fell into place. And made its way to the counter, where I subsequently purchased it.

The colours sort of reminded me of the inside of a shell, pearlescent pastel-y mother-of-pearl-ish colours.

I’m working slowly, as I don’t want to run out of yarn too soon and have to buy more… it was on the expensive side, and while nice for a treat, not the most practical of purchases.

Here’s where I am so far– nine squares complete. I’ve been joining-as-I-go, and was highly inspired (when am I not?) by the latest blanket at Attic 24.

So, I am in love with this yarn. It is just wonderfully soft to work with, for 100% wool, I just want to keep a ball in my pocket or my desk drawer at work or something. Love love love. I’m super glad I decided to get it… and it did cure me, too!

4 thoughts on “wooly treat

  1. ahhh you linked to my blog! :-D thank youuu.

    I think that Rowan is ALWAYS worth the splurge, I love it loads. If you ever want some different types or colours I’m sure we can organise a swap and I’ll send you some Rowan and you can send me something lovely that I can’t buy in England :)

  2. I’m beginning to think I may have to work more hours in order to finance my Rowan love.

    In Canada we have an amazing brand of yarn called Handmaiden… it’s the only thing I can think of that anyone might drool over :)

  3. How much does Rowan cost you in Canada? As it’s a British brand I wonder if it’s more costly for you to buy it there. For me to buy Pure Wool 4ply, DK or Handknit Cotton DK here is £3.60 a ball which is $6.31 CAD.

    Don’t suppose KnitPicks ship to you? They have some nice looking yarns but don’t ship to the UK :)

  4. The yarn I bought was $7.50/ball in Canadian dollars. Most Rowan is around that price, with Kidsilk Haze up to about $12.50/ball. I haven’t seen it cheaper :( … plus it NEVER goes on sale here as it’s so precious.

    Knit Picks does ship to Canada, I can’t remember if they have extra charges for Canada- I haven’t ordered there before, just drooled over the catalogue, heehee.

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