My Rowan blanket is progressing.

I decided that 5 x 5 squares makes a nice lap-blanket size (if that’s what you call a blanket that will never be full-sized due to lack of yarn finances!) and I’m going to granny around some border rows to sort of edge the whole thing.

I’m on the second edge row now, which is grey. I can’t wait to snuggle under this when it’s all finished. I’ve said it before, but those blankets (cover your ears, dear blankets) weren’t Rowan. This one’s freaking amazing for softness.

Tomorrow’s the first day of December, which means: 29 days until my birthday! Oh, and a little something called Christmas might be coming soon as well. Serious excitement and anticipation starts in December for me, because whereas most people with non-Decemberish birthdays have had their celebration fix throughout the year, all of my celebrating sort of comes at once, in a big burst of cake and family and friends. Ah, cake.

We haven’t had any snow yet, not that stayed on the ground anyways. I wouldn’t mind a mild winter, as long as it doesn’t mean winter lasts until May or anything. Because, really.

At work I’ve been proofreading Christmas card orders like no tomorrow… they’re not nearly as entertaining as wedding invitations (“Sorry, we are ‘knot’ able to make it! We’re all tied up!”), as they’ve usually only got one line of type (Season’s Greetings! From Your Dentist!) and a standard (read: boring) verse. They’ve also put up the Work Christmas Tree in the lunchroom, which is still completely bare and has shed plastic needles all over the table I eat at.

Hoping December will live up to the anticipation!



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