December should be all about:

  • piping hot mugs of coffee or tea (current favourites being caramel flavoured coffee & irish breakfast, green, or green & black teas)
  • curling up in bed or on the couch with cosy magazines and dense novels (awaiting the December issue of Country Living UK, and re-reading Wives & Daughters by Elizabeth Gaskell)
  • snuggling with a kitty cat (or a boy… or both)
  • lots and lots of knitting and crochet

My Rowan blanket is done: the perfect start to December!

It is super-snuggly, really. The yarn is so springy and warm. The kitten seems to especially love it; can cats tell natural fiber from synthetic?

My favourite square is this one:

And I managed to squeeze out six rows of edging…

There’s a teensy bit of yarn left over for something small… not sure what, yet.

Tonight we’re finishing up the last episode of the (new, remake/reinterpretation of) The Prisoner. I love the original series, and even forgive it for its inconclusive, random ending (hey- randomness can be good). Patrick McGoohan IS The Prisoner, and Portmeiron IS the Village (*blush*… I know geeky amounts of Prisoner facts). So anyways, Himself and I decided it would be worth watching this new one, if only to compare it to the original.

Well, it’s turned out to be pretty bad (despite Ian McKellen (!!) being Number 2), and I can’t stop saying “That’s Not Supposed To Look Like/Sound Like/Be Like That!”… and yet, I have to see the end. Because the original series never told me (or anyone), straight up, what the hell the point was of the whole thing, I have this tiny tiny hope that the new miniseries might answer it.

I’m at least hoping I won’t be totally confused at the end of it. I would be the most disappointed if it ended either

  1. with a cliff-hanger (can’t stand loose ends!)
  2. with it all being a dream (… “and then he woke up… ‘What a strange dream!’ he thought,” and so ends millions of crappy stories that six year olds could have written)
  3. with a gorilla mask (because that’s how the first one ended  and, really, don’t we fans deserve more?), or
  4. with aliens somehow involved. Please please keep the aliens out of this one, thanks.

I can’t actually conceptualize what would be a satisfactory ending, but I keep my hopes up…

PS: Oh, and I just remembered. They even changed the font in the Village. I mean, really.


5 thoughts on “december

  1. Sounds like you have a very warm cosy December ahead of you, sounds perfect and so lovely!

    I’ve never seen The Prisoner but I’ve seen many exciting snippets that make me want to. I’ve even been to Portmeirion, it’s a odd place! xo

  2. Ooh- I’ve seen photos of Portmeiron, and agree about the oddness. I think they (at least used to) try to play up the Prisoner links.

    Please watch the original show, this new one was a terrible let-down!

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