yule pleasures

Having worked retail more recently than I care to remember, I’ve never been one to put up decorations and start listening to Christmas carols in November or (horrors) even October. I got enough of that force-fed to me at the mall. Even now, retail-job-free, I cringe when I hear carols playing November 1st.

Nevertheless, today I have begun to slowly accept the holidays into our apartment.

I wrote and addressed all my Christmas cards…

… and received my first couple in the mail!

I put out a few holiday things:

(incidentally the second one isn’t meant to be an ad for Smarties, haha… it’s just they were the only treat left from a huge box of halloween candy given to us.)

I even started wrapping some gifts, and I’m in love with my polka-dot themed wrapping paper!

I love polka-dots, and they don’t seem too overly Christmassy, so I can use any leftover paper for other gifts too.

We haven’t put up a tree yet, for fear of what the kitten might do to it. She wasn’t around last Christmas, and I’ve got a feeling she’ll make things interesting this year.

It hasn’t snowed enough yet for the snow to stay on the ground, but I’m sure it’s on its way. This evening Himself and I are off to the mall (not the teensy local one, an actual regular-sized mall) to see if we can get some gift-shopping done. I know a lot of people have trouble shopping during the holidays due to the crowds, but I actually kind of like seeing a bustling crowd, as long as I’m not getting shoved by some crazy person who’s bee-lining right at me.

I do love all the hot holiday drinks that places are serving now, like gingerbread and peppermint flavoured lattes… mmm. One perk of Christmas shopping is treating yourself and your love to a nice piping hot drink, as a reward for doing so well. Shh– don’t tell him, though.

PS: The Prisoner ended badly. So badly. Apparently there was a 5th unpredicted way to disappoint me with the final episode, which they did. After it was over, I actually said: “I guess I wouldn’t have minded the gorilla.”


4 thoughts on “yule pleasures

  1. I worked retail for 5 years until September. I left just as we started getting the xmas stuff in store. It really does suck the fun right out of it, I think.

    I’ve done the same today, got all my decorations out and written cards. :)

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