When I was growing up, my mum made my brothers and I handmade Christmas stockings (we still use them at my parents’ house to this day). Mine is a lovely needlepoint design, and my brothers have cross-stitched and felt applique ones.

Last year, Himself and I decided against stockings, and then he proceeded to fill mine with treats which made me feel bad for not doing his (we promised!!!). Anyways, the ones we had last year were cheap, plain ones that function well but leave much to be desired design-wise. And of course, I love pretty things.

This year I was inspired by many crafty projects I’ve seen online, and I decided to remedy the sad stocking situation. I don’t have (or know how to use) a sewing machine, but I can stitch things together by hand. So I didn’t start from scratch; I bought two $1 felt stockings from Dollarama (woo, I love saving money!) which already had some appliqued designs sewn on.

I was thinking of getting plain felt ones and sewing my own designs on, but of course this year Dollarama was all about the already-decorated stockings and the only plain ones had furry trim and other frightening details. So yeah, I bought two stockings, making sure they had blank spots up at the opening so I could embroider our names on them.

Oh my goodness, I forgot how much fun embroidery thread is! I used to make friendship bracelets, and worry dolls, and even do some cross-stitch when I was a kid, but I haven’t bought embroidery thread in ages! Wal-Mart was selling a package of 36 skeins (with a few doubles of certain colours) for around $5, so I got the package yesterday and here’s what’s happened today:

I worked freehand, and used what I think is called back-stitch, which allows you to keep your stitches pretty well in line. For anyone interested, the back of the stitches look like this:

I’m absurdly pleased with them so far, but I do plan on adding more embroidery around the felt design areas, like maybe some stars or other little things. Just to make them more personal.

PS: You’ll notice that this year, I won’t be fooled– his stocking already has goodies inside! Ha!


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