decade’s end

Woo, what a Christmas & Birthday whirlwind! So happy about all I’ve received, of course, highlights including a lovely owl pendant; yarn; a wonderful home-made personalised calendar; and some super stationery. One of the best things post-Christmas/Birthday is spending gift money and gift cards… I found The Best Shoes, which I have to take a photo of. They’re like leatherette ballet slippers (but all man-made materials and therefore cheap at $13) and they’re ballet-pink with teeny string bows.

Also I got an awesome crochet book:

And I’ve already started on quite a few things from it.  The Lace Bowl has been made, and will make its feature appearance on New Year’s Day at brunch… I’m working on the trivets, and have been busy working on my favourite things: these flowers

So fun, and so scrumptious using up the last odds and ends of my lovely Rowan Pure Wool.

I’ll be finishing 2009 and the first decade of the New Millennium happily: with a four-day weekend! Since I had to work on Boxing day and the day after, I am super-glad to have the next four days completely free. 2009 was a year with its ups and downs, so I’m wishing really hard that 2010 will bring even more joy and stability.

So long, 2009– Happy 2010!


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