welcome, 2010!

  • We had a lovely New Year’s Brunch yesterday with awesome food, and the recipes were mostly taken from the Sobey’s Winter ’09 Inspired magazine…. I made these Multigrain Blueberry-Ginger Muffins

  • My new obsession is the site weheartit.com, which I discovered in a serendipitous way on the {create*loves} blog… you can type in anything (i.e. owls!) and find hundreds of awesome images to *heart*… I used to do the same thing with magazines– cut out all the images that inspired me– now there’s an online version– love! (ps- I’m leanna if you want to see my hearted images)
  • In 2010 I promise to make more healthy meals at home rather than grabbing fast food at the mall on the way home from work. I am writing it here to make it Official. There.
  • Tomorrow I get to visit my family for my birthday gifts!! Yaay
  • Today I have to go to the post office for stamps (Christmas thank-yous are on their way), & to the library to return some Battlestar Galactica dvds (yes, we are watching the entire series: me for the first time, although I’ve seen bits of the 3rd season & Himself for the second time)
  • Today I may also bake ginger cookies
  • I’ve updated my blogroll sidebar with more lovely inspiration for the New Year
  • We have been listening to the new Swell Season cd for a month or so and I can’t get enough of it (or the awesome illustration on the cover…)

  • I hope everyone is enjoying the first days of the new decade!!


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