sunday loves

Things I am loving  this Sunday:

  • (actually, this one occurred yesterday but I still love it and therefore here it is)… Receiving the Toast catalogue in the mail. If you go to the site and click Catalogue Pages you can see for yourself, but there really is nothing like flipping through the print copy with a mug of tea…
  • I seriously have never wanted so much to exist inside of a catalogue. The styling is amazing, look: (click to enlarge & drool over the pics)
  • I am going to knit up some armwarmers, nice long ones, to use at work so I can wear shorter sleeves and not die of cold (the other day I wore an insulated hoodie with fleece-lined pockets! In an office!)
  • Today I will make the ginger cookies (PC ready-to-make-mix) and take some to my parents’ house to eat with tea
  • I love the thought of opening my last birthday gifts!
  • The kitten was playing in my pyjama drawer this morning

Have a nice afternoon!


One thought on “sunday loves

  1. Oooh, I totally hear you about Toasty- everything n there is so wonderful!! Good luck with the ginger cookies, but I’m sure they turned out great- I love President’s Choice products.

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