yarn shopping…

… is happening tomorrow! Love! And the best part is I get to spend a gift certificate that a certain lovely Himself gifted me for winter solstice. So it’s like free yarn!

Also I got two skeins of supersoft Lion Brand Organic Cotton in ivory from my mum yesterday (hooray for second birthdays!) which are destined to become some fingerless mittens.

(mine isn’t pink, but this was a nicer pic than I could get with crappy evening lighting).

Okay, but people at work are totally starting to tease me about my knit accessories (and being cold)– I have a pair of alpaca fingerless mitts that I use when typing if my hands get cold, which everyone seems to find hilarious. And today I really wanted to wear a new sweater that I got for my birthday, only the sleeves are 3/4 length and it’s too cold to wear them. So I put on some armwarmers, which are really just long knitted tubes, and used them as sleeves.

So everyone’s like: “Are you wearing two sweaters??” (This came up at our daily meeting. Yes, nothing much goes on at work). And I go: “No…” (pulling down the armwarmers) “… they’re just sleeves!” Haha. It was super.

Also I may be starting a new crochet blanket (with more gifted yarn), but it’s bulkier yarn so it shouldn’t take too long.


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