New yarn!!

You’ll have to forgive the lighting, by the time we got home tonight it was past 10 pm, and our flourescents don’t do colours justice. Anyways, it is super-scrumptious Diamond Luxury Collection Baby Alpaca Lace in a lovely neutral tan colour. Two skeins at 400 metres each should make some nice long smooshy armwarmers, right? I’m thinking of maybe a 3×2 rib or something… highly influenced by the ones in the Toast catalogue I posted about the other day. And hopefully I won’t drive myself crazy knitting with lace-weight yarn.

Today was great for shopping; we also stopped at Chapters to spend some Christmas gift cards– I bought this:

I have a bit of a crush on Nigella, as in: I want to be her (accent included), and I’ve been looking at her books with longing for a while. I did mention I was planning to do some more baking this year, the real stuff from scratch (!), so this book should help me with that.

The recipes are really drool-worthy, too. I’m getting hungry just thinking about them (especially looking at the photos of cookies & cupcakes)!

One last thing before I go– one of my other favourite birthday gifts was this awesome makeup bag (from my mum), how cool is this?

Yep, that’s right: it’s got owls! I super-love it. I sort of flaunt it when I take out lipgloss, but so far no one has said anything. What super gifts did anyone else get? I’d love to read, or especially see pictures!


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