a few things

I’ve been thinking about…

1. tulle


(I seem to be relapsing into the “I want to be a ballerina phase” that probably should have been over when I was six, seeing as (i) I get terribly dizzy, practically just from walking in circles slowly, and (ii) I have little to no coordination. But I just bought ballet slipper-shoes, and now this! Mildly worrying…)

2. knitting


(although, to be honest, when am I *not* thinking about knitting. It’s just that I particularly am admiring Debbie Bliss’ bag pattern and wondering how long it will be until her next magazine is published)

3. cool hairstyles


(mostly because I have to see my hairdresser sometime soon, and I’m considering colour… but since I have long hair I do love trying elaborate “dos” every so often… I currently like browsing youtube for hair how-to videos, and have recently re-discovered my set of hot rollers, which makes me feel like Doris Day or something)

4. fonts


(note: the above is NEVER TRUE; it just made me laugh. At work, I love making fun of icky font choices and will go on for ages about ones I dislike, such as Comic Sans.)

5. animals in teacups. (But that’s only because I saw this:)


(all photos found at weheartit.com)

PS: who is hotter? Rock Hudson, or James Garner?


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