three (and a half) weird things today

  1. I got my new driver’s license (with new photo) and it looks soooo terrible… mostly because you’re not allowed to wear glasses anymore so I look kind of odd… also I seem to be looking up and off to an indeterminate distance & the photo is sort of taken from below eye level so the bottom half of my face is larger than normal… yeah. It’s not good.
  2. My kitten launched herself (or fell) off a high bookshelf in the library for no apparent reason and came crashing to the floor, scaring me like no tomorrow. She’s fine, apparently, and came out for some treats not two minutes after the big crash. But she’s nutty, that’s for sure.
  3. We had a big meeting at work, and were split into three groups, and I was in the last meeting and it lasted an hour and a half!!! I was super-cold because I was wearing ballet flats and no socks (boots and socks were just for walking to/from the car through the snow) PLUS I was half an hour late for lunch, so I was also hungry. Poor me, haha. I love sympathy.

(3b- we did laundry and the toonie Himself pulled out of his pocket for laundry money turned out to be a Spanish 2-Euro coin! He must’ve got it back for change someplace, as neither of us has been to Spain.)

On an entirely unrelated note: aren’t these eggs sublime?


I know it’s only January and nowhere near Easter, but we decorate Ukrainian-style eggs (pysanki) and it takes a bit of time, so I think we may start in February or so… love love love these colours!


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