After reading a super-cute post about  collections over on a beautiful mess, I thought I might do a show & tell about some of the things I collect. I’ve always been a book-collector, and I’m awful for buying multiple copies of the same book just because they have different covers. Penguin publishing knows how to get money out of me, as they periodically re-publish classics that I love, and every time I think the cover can’t get better… it does.

But aside from books, I also started collecting white dishes in the shapes of animals (which I’ve mentioned before when I bought the birdie salt & pepper shakers). It started with an elephant teapot (which is actually sort of an ivory colour) and then just kept going. I’m sure Oprah has caught on to this “trend” by now, but I’d just like to officially declare that I started my collection completely independent of any celebrity.

And now, some pictures!

Yes, the cow currently holds pens since I already have a cat and elephant for milk and cream! Has anyone else seen any unusual white animal dishes? There is a camel teapot at a kitchen store in town, but it’s not that cute… plus I’m trying not to just keep buying teapots with reckless abandon. You know how it is…


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